The film maker

Leila Sansour is an acclaimed film maker with an unconventional portfolio. She is the founder and spokesperson of OPEN BETHLEHEM,  an organization that works to bring international commitment to the resolution of the Israeli/Palestinian question using Bethlehem as a gateway into the situation. She is a well known speaker on issues of the Middle East.  She has written articles and given talks at the British parliament, The Royal Institute of Foreign Affairs (UK),  The Royal College of Defense, The Carter Center, Amnesty International and many other venues.

Leila holds a masters degree in philosophy. She began her career in television working as a producer and commissioning editor for MBC and then moved to produce 15 episodes of Aljazeera’s leading documentary series “Encounter in Exile”.

She is best known for her feature‐length documentary, ‘Jeremy Hardy versus the Israeli Army’ 2003, a tragicomic film shot with celebrated British comedian Jeremy Hardy.  The film received four‐and five‐star reviews in the national press before its release across cinemas in the UK and its tour in the US as part of Amnesty International’s Roaming Film Festival.

Leila’s latest film ‘OPEN BETHLEHEM ’ 90min, was realised at Christmas in 2014.  The film was shot over five years in Bethlehem during the building of the Israeli wall and has resulted in the gathering of one of the largest visual archive of the city both past and present. Plans are currently being discussed to turn the collection into a permanent museum.

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