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Notes, Terms & Conditions:

Film Media

All film media provided is loaned to the screening organisers only, for the sole purpose of the the screening event identified here.  

​It is the organiser's responsibility to return any film media provided to OPEN BETHLEHEM as soon as possible after the screening.  

In the event that the media is damaged or not returned, OPEN BETHLEHEM reserves the right to charge the screening organiser reasonable replacement costs.

Under no circumstances may any of the film media be copied or retained by the organiser

Marketing Media and Promotional Materials

Organisers may use any marketing and promotional materials provided, including templates and artwork, for the sole purpose of marketing the screening event.  Any unused materials should be returned to OPEN BETHLEHEM by post.

Media Rights and Copyright

All rights in any material provided remain with OPEN BETHLEHEM.  

Fees and Charges

Film Charges 
As a not for profit organisation, film screenings are an important source of funding for OPEN BETHLEHEM and we normally seek to make a charge related to use of the film.
Charges vary according to a number of factors, including the nature of the hosting organisation. In general, we seek:
  • Screening Fees – A fixed screening fee; and/or,
  • Box Office Takings  – A percentage of Box Office takings.

​These charges go towards covering our cost and the ongoing running of the organisation.

The minimum charge for a small community screening is £25 plus postage, which covers some of our costs. 

Speaker Charges
We also generally charge for any speaking engagements as follows: 
  • Speaking Fees – A fee for each occasion that the Film Maker (or any OB Speaker) is invited to speak, in most circumstances; 
  • Expenses – All reasonable expenses related to any speaking events, such as travel, accommodation and subsistence, etc., in all circumstances. 
​These charges go to the speaker to ensure that they or not out of pocket for any expenses incurred and in part recognition of their time spent in participating in the screening.
We also ask organisers to collect donations at all screenings. These funds go to supporting our on-going work, including new projects. 
Invoicing and Payment
All fees become due once the screening has taken place and have been invoiced. ​ Payment should be made by bank transfer as detailed on the invoice.

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