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Bethlehem Ambassadors are recognised and active supporters of the campaign and advocates of Bethlehem city, and as such make a vital and valued contribution to what we do and play an essential role in achieving our objectives.

Bethlehem Ambassadors are individuals from all walks of life, and include dignitaries, ordinary citizens, Christians, Jews and Muslims, who are united by their passion for Bethlehem and preparedness to champion it, working towards the realisation of our vision.  As such they are expected and commit to an active involvement in the campaign, which may include:
  • Organising and hosting film screenings
  • Speaking at events
  • Fundraising
  • Engaging community and political representatives
  • Organising fact finding tours to Bethlehem
Bethlehem Ambassadors are accorded with an honorary citizenship of the city of Bethlehem, formally conferred with the granting of a Bethlehem Passport, which acknowledges their contribution and confirms their pledge to act as an Ambassador for the city.

 So far, the passport has been granted to more than 500 people around the world, including:
  • Archbishop Rowan Williams
  • Pope Benedict XVI
  • Archbishop Desmond Tutu
  • President Jimmy Carter

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Passport granting ceremony in Bethlehem



US President Jimmy Carter Receives Bethlehem Passport from Palestinian Ambassador Afif Safieh


UK church leaders receiving passports during their 2006 Bethlehem visit..




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