3 things you can do for Bethlehem this Christmas

3 things you can do for Christmas


At this special time of the year, and for a fleeting moment, the little town of Bethlehem comes into people’s homes and hearts. This is the time to remind your friends and family that Bethlehem is not just a mention in the bible. It is a very important town in the Middle East. It is alive, it is dreaming and, just like all the cities of Palestine, it is struggling to secure a future. Bethlehem needs your support!

Share a short

We’ve created a 30 minute version of our film, Open Bethlehem, which works as a perfect introduction to the challenges that face the city. Why not share this with those who you think would enjoy or need to learn more? 

30 minute documentary

Gift Open Bethlehem 

Nothing beats the original – so if you want to share the full movie, you can gift a download or buy DVD of the film here. This is a truly special Christmas present.

Buy a DVD  Stream Open Bethlehem  

Become an ambassador for the city

Our Bethlehem Ambassadors are a special network of individuals who actively support our campaign and work to ensure the city’s future. As such, they make a vital contribution to our effort and we enjoy working and connecting with each one of them. Why not become a life-time ambassador of the city?

Become an ambassador 

With our very best wishes for Christmas and blessings to all of you from Bethlehem.

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