The BETHLEHEM PASSPORT is an honorary citizenship of the city of Bethlehem that is issued by the Open Bethlehem campaign in partnership with the Governorate of Bethlehem.Through the campaign many people around the world are today proud citizens and ambassadors of our city. Passport recipients come from all walks of life. They are dignitaries and ordinary citizens, Muslims, Christians and Jews. Each, in their own way, have been actively working in their communities and circles of influence to increase international engagement with Bethlehem at this critical time.

This year, and in parallel with the international release of the Operation Bethlehem Film in Christmas 2013, we will be opening up the Bethlehem Passport programme to the public at large. We hope that people all around the world will join us by embarking on their own journey of connecting with others who are also concerned about the city of Bethlehem and who have pledged to be ambassadors of our town.

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Please note that we are currently rebuilding our website in preparation for opening the passport programme to the public. Please revisit our site in the weeks and months to come for updates.